These Last Weeks

As we are waiting for our baby’s arrival these next couple of weeks . . .

I will be eating up this book. It was at the top of my “wish list” for Christmas.


I will still be sipping on this fermented stuff. You can read more here on why and here on how.


I will be mulling over more of the sacred/secular dilemma. Many of you have texted or emailed me such kind words regarding the 31 day series (that I didn’t finish). I stopped at day 17 because I too am still digging and learning and soaking up. I bit off more than I could chew context wise and I should have started the writing process much earlier in order to to be sharing with you all at such a fast pace. Lesson learned. I hope to continue this discussion as a series.


I will be contemplating Tsh’s thought provoking, “20 Questions for a New Year” (oh, Tsh, you slay me)


I will be attending a seminar on the gut brain axis held by my favorite herbal supplement company, Nature’s Sunshine, and like many of you, I will be slathering myself with oils . . .


Lavender for weirdo-third-trimester-insomnia

Citrus to brighten my sleepy mood . . . and when did I start waking up with bags under my eyes?

Peppermint for headaches and lingering morning sickness

Panaway for sore hips and achy lower backs

Thieves, melalueca, and lemon to ward off sickness




DIY: Fermented Ketchup

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I have LOVED ketchup my entire life but haven’t bought it in such a long time. Mainly because of the sugar, wierdo ingredients and an attempt to remove night shades for healing. Last week I had two big packages of skin-on, bone-in chicken thighs and was looking for a slow cooker recipe. The one I landed on called for ketchup so I just figured I might as well get around to making it myself. Am I right?

It cost me around $2.50, I knew exactly what was going into it AND it’s FERMENTED!! Just one more way to incorporate friendly bacteria into our diets. Remember, health begins in the gut! Not to mention, it only took me 8ish minutes to throw together. If that.

Here is what you will need

– 3 x 6 oz cans of tomato paste

– 1/3 cup of honey (preferably raw but whatever)

– 3 TB fermented, apple cider vinegar

– 3-4 garlic cloves, minced

– 6 TB sauerkraut juice (what? I know. Check out this post)

– 2 1/4 t salt

– Dash of paprika or cayenne pepper

– Glass jar with a lid (this recipe made around 25 oz, I split it into two jars. If you need more ketchup, I would double the recipe, it never hurts to have it on hand!)

Here’s what to do

1. Put all the ingredients into a bowl. Stir.

2. Fill up the glass jar(s), leaving a inch at the top. Use a napkin to wipe the inside of the lip, making sure there is no ketchup inside the lip.

3. Tightly screw on the lid. Let the jar hang on your counter top (room temp) for 3 days. That’s it!! For real. After its 3 days are up, store it in the fridge.

Now you can dip french fries, enjoy ketchup on a hot dog, or make awesome “honey, basil chicken” in the slow cooker (which will be coming your way quite soon) all while encouraging a healthy gut and a balanced budget. Win, win.