Beet Kvass (part 2)

kvass part 2

A few things I learned about beet kvass,

#1 It is the most beautiful color. Once I poured it into bottles to store in the fridge, I started thinking of things I could dye . . . tea towels, napkins, wash cloths. And then reality hit and I realized I needed to just drink the stuff. But really, it is SO beautiful.

#2 It’s an acquired taste. The second day of drinking it was way easier than the first. Listen, I’m an advocate of enjoying your food and life. You shouldn’t hate your diet. If something is gross, don’t eat it. BUT, on the other hand, be willing to try things a few times. If you still hate it, move on. There are plenty of other ways to get nutrients than beet kvass. For me, it wasn’t gross enough to give up. Just different. I could tell my body enjoyed it NOT because I wanted to guzzle it like Sprite (oh, how I do love cold Sprite with crunchy ice) but because the sound of it, sounded good. It was as if my body said, “yes, you need that.” Tune in, your body is always talking to you.

#3 My personal opinion: it’s better with an acid. Now, I like vinegar anyways, you may not and that is totally cool. But I wanted more “bite” so I added fermented apple cider vinegar to my glass (just a splash). Don’t freak out. In fact some people mix ACV into their water on a regular basis. This is super helpful when fighting candida, heart burn (ie low stomach acid), and the like (just keep in mind, the esophagus is not meant for acid. So this is not something you should drink all day, every day). Some people enjoy it as a tonic and some say it helps cleanse the kidneys. I use it for heartburn and Rick uses it to ward of sickness. Either way, I enjoyed the kvass much more when I added a splash of ACV. Totally your call.

If you’re wanting to brave this experiment with me, here are some links! I read a few before diving in and pick and chose what I liked,

The Wellness Mama’s take on Beet Kvass 

The Nourishing Cook 

Homemade Mommy 

The Nourishing Gourmet 



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