Advent 2015

No, I didn’t finish my 31 days. And I hate bloggers who are flaky. I do that which I hate. But hey, I’m not a blogger. I’m just sharing my thoughts and while I would love to be more consistent, life happens. To be honest, I planned poorly and should have written my posts much earlier, giving myself time to sit, think, read, and listen to others. I shared all my thoughts and needed to sit for more. The world still turns.

Today is the first day of advent!! Are you into advent? As I grow to appreciate liturgy and the magic found within (seemingly) mundane repetition, I’ve looked forward to it with growing appreciation each year. Earlier this afternoon I may have even looked at an ancient church calendar to hang on our wall . . .

Not only have I grown in an appreciation for Advent, I have grown in recognizing a need for it. We’re sick and broken and needy. We aren’t getting better, Jesus is just getting bigger. I’m over trying hard. I’m just ready to admit I can’t. I’m hungry for grace.

I keep thinking of these words,

… the weary world rejoices

Life is heavy. I’m not even 25. I’ve lived a relatively sheltered life. Never missed a meal. Never wondered where I was going to sleep for the night. A beautiful childhood and wonderful people. And yet, even I have felt that the world is weary. I’m weary. Because our souls are hungry.

That’s why Advent is so sweet. I’ll be sharing (or at least trying to) what I’m reading. Happy Advent.


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