31 Day Writing Challenge (day 1)

Have you heard of The Nester? She’s awesome. Every October The Nester hosts a “31 Day Series.” You can read more about the series here. I have followed it off and on for a couple of years now and always look forward to it. Plus, it feels like fall. It’s not a “fall” thing per say but it does roll around every October, when leaves should be changing (and yet there’s grace for the leaves too).

For the next 31 days I’ll be writing on the sweet spot, the magic, heaven and earth. The unforeseen kiss. Getting dirty and getting earthy. I’ll be posting what I have learned and am still trying to learn about the reconciliation between heaven and earth. We will be thinking, posing and looking for ways to reconcile the spiritual and the material. The visible and the invisible. Where our souls meet our bodies. The future then and the very real now.

reconcile pic

I’ve been wresting with this for . . . my entire life . . . but especially these last three years. I think I will always be wrestling with this as Lewis’ pin point, “weird amphibians” has deeply resonated with me and we are called to journey, “further up and further in”  (The Last Battle).

There really is no black and white in this. There is a lot of grey. A lot of Spirit and a lot of surrender. But what comes is a lot of freedom. There is a lot of movement (dancing, if you will) between heaven and earth and for that reason, I think it will speak differently to each person and their unique everyday. Here’s to the next 31 days!




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