Moving to a new place gives you time to rethink, does it not? When you leave your family, friends and routine you are given an entirely new slate. You are given the time and space to rethink how you want to, well, recreate your life (to some extent. That kinda sounds melodramatic). Your calendar is bleak and your obligations meek.
It’s been a whole year since we moved to Arizona but I still feel a lot of freedom in terms of choosing who and what I want to invest myself and my time into. I feel as though my soul has had a long rest and now with fresh thoughts I may proceed, learning and gaining even newer thoughts along the way. Lewis refers to this journey as going, “Further up and further in” (The Last Battle). 
The early twenties are pretty foundational to the years ahead. Sure, big changes will occur throughout our lives but the choices we are making today will have a profound ripple effect on the years ahead. Because of this, I have been thinking a lot about how (not necessarily why) I want to live. As in, the earthyness of my faith. The tangible-ness of my philosophy. The legs I want to give my goals and aspirations. Now, obviously, I had to think about my faith, philosophy and goals in order to figure out the earthy part and they will most certainly change with time. I will probably laugh at myself in years to come but that’s part of journeying, “further up and further in(to)” truth. Yet, right here, right now, as I’m getting ready to throw some stones that may or may not have positive or negative ripples, what kind of stones do I want to throw? What is the wholness of my person aiming for? These are the kinds of things I think about while hiking in the Sahara Desert Arizona mountain trails . . . send water.

I thought I would share some of the people ( I don’t know personally) who have/are still giving me food for thought.

Tsh Oxenredier: A few months ago I was introduced to Tsh Oxenreider. Not only did her podcast get me through my long commute this summer, it pretty much got me through a nice bout of morning sickness too. So did Udi’s gluten free blueberry muffins. This however is not the only reason I am so thankful for Tsh O. Her personal work and blog network have become a huge resource to me. Her premise is simple . . . simple living in a chaotic world. Does that sound cliche to you? That’s cool. It has become somewhat of a buzzword. But for me it has been such a breath of fresh air. Good writing and good words that are tangible. Through her network and contributors I have been so inspired and encouraged. Fodder for new thoughts. I need new thoughts.
Emily P Freeman: Her newish book, A Million Little Ways is gold. Gold! It is not a one time read. It is a “dog-eared, underlined, highlighted, water stained, stuck in the bottom of my purse” kind of book. She blogs here.

.- Eddie Wadsworth: Especially her first podcast. She has also revealed that she is working on her memoir. I’m pre-pre ordering it. No, you can’t do this (maybe you can?). I just would if I could.

NOW. Here are a few books I have YET to read but are on my list.
Clutterfree with Kids
– The Devil Takes Visa
All the Money in the World
Wendell Berry’s poetry


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