Alanis Made Me Do It

We have gotten a lot of questions and texts (and more questions) regarding our decision on home birth (understandably). So, here’s my answer(s). It’s really not a concise, packaged reply. It’s more a myriad of thoughts and feelings and facts and logistics.

As I started my journey towards holistic health, I began to realize that the pursuit of healthy living wasn’t restricted to diet and exercise. Rather, it encompasses every area of life. Pregnancy, birth and child rearing (? that sounds a tad primal) being some of those “areas.” And rather big ones I might add.

Thus, I began to think about pregnancy because I figured it was down the line and started giving thought to natural birth (I wasn’t even at the home birth level yet) just simply birth without “intervention” (unless it was necessary, I’m no warrior, I almost cried during my first tattoo).

My sweet friend and practitioner started sharing with me her grandbabies’ birth stories. My wheels started turning. Your daughter in law gave birth at home? In a tub? Hmm … 

Why? Because why not? I believe God made the female body to give birth. Birth is not a sickness, it’s a normal thing that the body is fully capable of tackling. This wasn’t an entirely new concept to me. My mom had a few friends who had given birth at home. One baby came in the jacuzzi (and the mama’s gardener had to help since no one else was home) and seemed pretty darn normal and healthy to me. 

I toyed around with the idea of becoming a doula and while this process taught me even more about natural birth and home birth, I decided I wanted to have my own babies before I embarked on a doula journey. Not all doulas feel this way, I totally respect that. I just felt naive. I did however feel totally comfortable with the idea of home birth having seen some (intense) beautiful pictures and videos. Yeah, it was weird and raw but it just seemed, normal (to me at least).

Anyways, a friend of mine recommended the documentary “The Business of Being Born” and the follow up series, “More Business of Being Born” (both are “instant” on Netflix). Sold. Done. That was it. My husband came home from work and I announced that one day, I too was going to have a home birth. He either replied positively for one of three reasons . . . #1 He was on board #2 He is used to my crazy ideas/ventures and thought “this too will pass” #3 He had just gotten home from teaching eighth graders all day and was mentally weak

I’m assuming it was a combo of 2 and 3. Anyways, once I got pregnant I asked if he would watch a documentary with me. Ricki Lake, thank you.

So, like I said. It wasn’t one deciding factor. I think The Business of Being Born was the final push but I was already leaning that way. Plus, honestly, once I found out Alanis Morissette had a home birth, who was I to challenge the queen of awesome?