Fruit Salad Popsicles


I’m not a big salad person. Fruit salad is better, a step in the right direction. Add some kiwis and I’ll consider eating your fruit salad. Make it into a popsicle and I will definitely partake in said fruit salad.

These “fruit salad” popsicles have no rules. No measurements. No limits. Endless possibilities. That being said, this is not your typical “recipe.” I’ll tell you what I used but the only reason I had so much fruit on hand is given I made an overly large fruit salad for some friends and ended up with leftovers. A lot of leftovers. It just didn’t look appealing in tupperware. I don’t know.

A few reasons I love these popsicles . . . . they’re popsicles. They are soooo versatile. They are cheap. They are easy. They are pretty darn delicious. I’m already dreaming up some fruit combinations . . . I’ll post them below. Here is the “combo” I used this time around . . .

Kiwi (use paring knife to remove skin and slice)

Grapes, halved or whole (have you ever had frozen grapes? One of my favorite munches)

Cantaloupe chunks

Honeydew chunks

Strawberry chunks)

Bananas (sliced or “chunk-ed”)

Pineapple (I used canned because it was cheaper and saved time. I also used the juice, which wen’t against everything in my freaky self but hey, you do what you gotta do somedays)

Lemon juice and honey (and poppy seeds for fun!)

1. After slicing/chunk-ing your fruit, pour into large bowl. Microwave some honey (depends on how much fruit you have going on, I had A LOT. I’m guessing I used 4 tablespoons?) in a bowl for 20 seconds. Squeeze the juice of one lemon into honey and mix thoroughly. Microwaving the honey makes it much more “mix-able.”

2. Pour honey/lemon mixture over fruit (if you want to throw in some poppy seeds, go ahead and sprinkle them over the fruit as well). Mix fruit until evenly covered.

3. Cover bowl and place in fridge. The longer it sits, the better. Mine sat overnight. Again, these are “rule-less” popsicles so you don’t have to let your fruit sit but I found that they produced juice of their own and were much “sweeter” after hanging with the honey and lemon for a while.

4. If you didn’t use canned fruit and feel as though the popsicles need more liquid (you want them to freeze without air spaces between fruit chunks), you can add the fruit juice of your choice OR place SOME of the fruit into a blender/food processor etc, and pulse until more liquified and then add back to the remaining fruit in the bowl. If you blend all of the fruit, you will have brown popsicles with no chunks. Yuck.

5. Spoon the fruit salad into popsicle molds and freeze till Frozen



I very gently tapped the popsicle molds against the counter before placing the popsicle sticks into the molds to make sure there were no “air pockets” between fruit chunks.

Enjoy your salad!!!!



DIY: Fermented Ketchup

Processed with VSCOcam

I have LOVED ketchup my entire life but haven’t bought it in such a long time. Mainly because of the sugar, wierdo ingredients and an attempt to remove night shades for healing. Last week I had two big packages of skin-on, bone-in chicken thighs and was looking for a slow cooker recipe. The one I landed on called for ketchup so I just figured I might as well get around to making it myself. Am I right?

It cost me around $2.50, I knew exactly what was going into it AND it’s FERMENTED!! Just one more way to incorporate friendly bacteria into our diets. Remember, health begins in the gut! Not to mention, it only took me 8ish minutes to throw together. If that.

Here is what you will need

– 3 x 6 oz cans of tomato paste

– 1/3 cup of honey (preferably raw but whatever)

– 3 TB fermented, apple cider vinegar

– 3-4 garlic cloves, minced

– 6 TB sauerkraut juice (what? I know. Check out this post)

– 2 1/4 t salt

– Dash of paprika or cayenne pepper

– Glass jar with a lid (this recipe made around 25 oz, I split it into two jars. If you need more ketchup, I would double the recipe, it never hurts to have it on hand!)

Here’s what to do

1. Put all the ingredients into a bowl. Stir.

2. Fill up the glass jar(s), leaving a inch at the top. Use a napkin to wipe the inside of the lip, making sure there is no ketchup inside the lip.

3. Tightly screw on the lid. Let the jar hang on your counter top (room temp) for 3 days. That’s it!! For real. After its 3 days are up, store it in the fridge.

Now you can dip french fries, enjoy ketchup on a hot dog, or make awesome “honey, basil chicken” in the slow cooker (which will be coming your way quite soon) all while encouraging a healthy gut and a balanced budget. Win, win.