Real Food Meets Real Life

Normally I post our weekly menus and give you a peek into how we eat on the “reg.” Well, sometimes life isn’t very “reg.” This is especially true of the past few days. My whole “real food” journey has been going on for 3 years now and I have had to learn a thing or two about how to make real food work for real life . . . or at least I think I have. Here are a few thoughts  . . .

1. Relax. Stressing out about food is the last thing you need to be doing, especially if your day(s) have been crazy. Cortisol, inflammation, anxiety . . . save yourself the tummy or head ache. While your body is a temple that is to be treated with respect, it is also temporary.

2. Instagram. I have discovered some of my favorite products via Instagram. While I’m not encouraging you to become a phone addict, Instagram has been oh’ so helpful in discovering awesome products and awesome people. I listed some of my favorites below, click on their pic to be taken to their home site.




PETE’S PALEO (no, not all of these links are paleo. stay with me)













3. Be prepared. This isn’t always doable and that’s okay! However keeping a box of these


or these!


on hand is always helpful. If you do have time, put together a bag of almonds and dark chocolate to keep in your glove box or bag . . . I keep oranges and avocados in my swim bag with a plastic knife and spoon. I also maybe keep my favorite salt in a Ziplock bag as well. That’s weird. I know. Jerky or canned tuna is another awesome “convenience food.”

4. The Key Three. Protein. Fat. Carbohydrates. When I’m staying at other people’s homes (as in, right now) I usually make a run to the nearest grocery store and grab one of the following protein sources: ground beef, grass fed hot dogs, rotisserie chicken. AND I grab both avocados and sweet potatoes. Why? They will keep me nourished and require very little preparation.

5. Think on your feet. Today we were “car-less” for a few hours and stranded at a coffee shop. Did I mention we were starving and scones (sadly) just weren’t going to cut it? We found a store nearby and grabbed a package of gluten free salami and helped ourselves to the olive bar. Boom. Bam. Be creative and learn to think on your feet.

6. Liquid Silver


and Wellness Formula


If you are experiencing a stressful season, chances are your sleep is a little “off” and if you’re anything like me, a sore throat and scratchy voice is just around the corner. The morning we left AZ, I woke up feeling real sick. These are two “must have-s” to keep on hand. Along with turmeric and ginger tea! Have you heard of Mickey Trescott? She’s real cool. Real cool.


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