Did today feel different to you? Did it feel like spring? I went on a walk and stared at some snapdragons for a little bit, savoring the spring vibe. Today I am introducing the “spring gift guide.” Why? For a few reasons . . . Easter baskets are still a thing. Secondly, I’m sure you know at least one person who has a spring birthday coming up. Lastly, giving gifts is a love language. This list is comprised of both the small and the medium. Nothing crazy extravagant. Something for every budget. The photo above is from the awesome blog, Poppy Talk. Make sure to take a gander for some gift wrapping inspiration! Think of someone to love on and let’s get giving!

Super Cool Washi Tape


A hand written note telling someone how thankful you are for them.

hand written

Remember THE Spring Playlist from a few days ago? Well, it just got even cooler.


Jenis!!!!!!!!! Apparently, Whole Foods is carrying it now? Right on. Click on photo for link to website


Know any history buffs? Or I guess, marshmallow buffs? These are so fun.


Solar iphone charger. Not cheap but not really that expensive either. Plus, it’s totally brilliant.


You should totally bake and give away one of Joy the Baker’s “Salty Honey Pie(s).” For real.

joys pie

The Illustrated Chronicles of Narnia (and you thought they were for children . . . )

The complete chronicles of Narnia

Last but certainly not least, gift card to because while the first download might be free, the second one definitely is not



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