Welcome to day 3 of Spring Week! So far we have covered spring cleaning (aka: DIY cleaning products, aromatherapy for your home, and two of my favorite, magical cleaning tricks) and THE spring playlist you need for driving, running, unloading the dishwasher, and just regular, everyday living. If there is a season for long walks at dusk and good music, it’s spring.

Today we are covering “spring time reads” because if there is a season for good reads in the sunshine, it’s also spring. I have asked my own counterpart, bosom friend, yin (to my yang) and lifetime best friend, to put together a reading list for this upcoming season, complied of works that give a “spring-ish vibe.” That vibe is different for everyone but believe me, if anyone has a say in what to read, it’s Nicole Noelle.

She is classy, always smells good and has beautiful hands. She should be a hand model. She has impeccable style and reminds me of a nymph. Is that weird? She has always been better at putting on eyeliner and always been better at thinking before speaking. If I need a second opinion on any item of clothing, it’s her I ask. She loves vegetables . . . which is so weird to me. I like them now (given I basically have to) but she actually enjoys them. I used to think this was some sort of sick joke. I’ve since “seen the light” but believe me, that was after many years of sour straws, many packages of Oreos, and many sarcastic remarks as Nikki eagerly ate asparagus.

In conclusion: She’s the best. You will not regret anyone of these classic reads this upcoming season.

Persuasion // Jane Austen


The Great Gatsby // F. Scott Fitzgerald


The Hobbit // J.R.R. Tolkien

the hobbit

The Great Divorce // C. S. Lewis


Farenheit 451 // Ray Bradbury


Of Mice and Men // John Steinbeck


A Tale of Two Cities // Charles Dickens



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