“I would teach the children music, physics and philosophy, but the most important is music, for in the patterns of the arts are the keys to all learning.”   – Plato

If you are curious to read more of what Plato has to say about the power music holds, I would encourage you to read The Republic. No, I’m not kidding. It’s totally cool and absolutely worth your time. Just don’t tell anyone or (do what I do) and take the cover off of the book so you don’t look like a tool.

Below is THE playlist you need for spring time. It has been put together by the one and only, Luke Taylor Hardy. Luke Taylor is Rick Umble’s counterpart. Well, I guess that’s me. Luke is his male counterpart? That sounds weird. Anyways, Luke is one of our dearest friends.


I clearly remember the day I met Luke. He drove a wagon that smelled like home, listened to Cold War Kids and (and) loved Harry Potter. I sat in the backseat and remember thinking, “We’re going to be friends.” Well . . . almost 4 years later, we are friends. He was Rick’s best man and played the piano as I walked down the aisle on our wedding day. He’s pretty great.

He also has impeccable music taste. I don’t always like what he plays and that’s how I know it’s probably good. It’s easy to get stuck in ruts. Music can be hard to listen to. Why do you think the “top 50” are the “top 50?” Because they are easy to listen to. Simple. Sweet. To the point. It’s the good music that takes time. It should take you a few tries when listening to a new album. You know how watching a movie for the second time can reveal “hidden” things you didn’t see or notice the first time? Music is sometimes like that.

The songs below are indeed, “spring.”  This is such a good list, seriously. Enjoy.

Pacific– Sleeping At Last

Ragged Wood – Fleet Foxes

The Wild Hunt – Tallest Man on Earth

Ends of the Earth – Lord Huron

Cello Song – The Books ft. Jose Gonzalez

Entrance – Washed Out

It all Feels Right – Washed Out

Oh No – Andrew Bird

The First Days of Spring – Noah and the Whale

Gravity Rides Everything – Modest Mouse


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