ALL THINGS SPRING: Spring Cleaning

Is spring cleaning even a thing anymore? I vividly remember watching the Brady’s spring clean on Nick at Night


But then again, the Bradys (Bradies?) are in a league of their own. So are Marsha’s eyebrows.

Anyways, whether or not you choose to “spring clean,” here are some DIY methods that can and will leave your space fresh. Crisp. Inviting. Serene. Invigorating. Basically all the spring adjectives.

Some tips: keep spray bottles on hand for various homemade cleaners. I grab them at Walmart for less than a buck and keep them in the laundry room/kitchen sink.

Insanely Awesome Shower Cleaner: Unless your shower is as cool as this,


it probably gets weirdo grime + soap scum build up like our’s. Actually, we don’t use a ton of soap anymore so it’s mostly coconut oil build up, which can be even weirder. I keep a bottle of this in the shower to use as needed but it works best after sitting for a good 10-20 minutes before cleaning. You will need . . .  1 C white vinegar. 1/4 C liquid dish soap. 8 drops of tea tree oil (optional but worth it). Pour ingredients into spray bottle and give a mild shake. Spray onto “dirty” surfaces. Allow to sit. Give it a good scrub. Be amazed. This stuff is my favorite. It can also DOUBLE as a toilet bowl cleaner and/or bathroom counter/sink cleaner. Not to mention, it’s super, super cheap.

All Purpose Cleaner: 1 Cup of white vinegar to 8 drops of tea tree oil. Optional: 5 drops of a “cheerful” essential oil (tangerine, orange, lemon etc). Place ingredients in spray bottle and spray away! The vinegar cuts through anything and everything. For tough messes, allow it to sit for 10 minutes before wiping or scrubbing. The tea tree oil acts as both an anticeptic and bacterial. The cheerful oils are my favorite part.

This awesome sage spray!! Beautiful and so fun.



Are you familiar with aromatherapy and it’s holistic health benefits? We’re talking physical, mental, and emotional. These three are inseparable. Anyways, we will be tackling aromatherapy as a whole in the quite, near future. Until then here are some easy ways to diffuse essential oils using things you probably already have on hand. Here is a link if you want to create some of your own oil blends. Otherwise, stick to whatever smells good to you in the moment. Your body will tell you what you need.


– The Cotton Ball: Add a few drops of your choice oil into cotton balls and hide behind picture frames, knick-knacks, etc

– The Pine Cone: Technically pine cones aren’t very “spring” but we still have some around the house! Pine cones are great (of course, God is so wise) at holding scent. Adding a few drops of oil(s) to pine cones and placing them around your home creates both cozy and calm. 

– The Candle Method: Light a non-scented candle and allow a small amount of wax to pool around the wick. Add a few drops of oil into the melted wax and allow the candle to further burn like normal. That’s it!

My mom gifts me the best books. For our first wedding anniversary, she got me this gem,

how the queen


don’t judge a book by it’s cover!!! This chick is awesome. I have learned tons from her quirky wisdom. Here are two snippets that hopefully will be of the same help to you.

How to Clean your Microwave 101: Run a rag or bar towel under the sink. Ring it out but you want it to be thoroughly wet. Place rag in the microwave by itself and “cook” for 45 seconds. DO NOT OPEN microwave. This is when the steam from your now, very hot towel is doing it’s magic. After 15 minutes, open the microwave and wipe the gunk away with a second, damp rag. I follow up with the all- purpose cleaner.

The Wonders of Club Soda: Did you know club soda is the great eraser? As long as the spill is new, club soda “lifts” the stain up from it’s victim via it’s bubbly nature. “The Queen” carries club soda with her wherever she goes, apparently. Which is not a bad idea. I have been keeping mine in the laundry room and have indeed been, “wowed.”

Whether you are planning on a spring clean or not, may these DIY tricks and tips be of the utmost service to you! Enjoy! We will be back tomorrow with an entire playlist created just for SPRING. Can’t wait.


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