Wise Words Wednesday


Social media is amoral in nature and a very pliable medium. This is not a post on why you should delete your Facebook or why you should feel guilty for posting  your outfit on Instagram. No. Not at all. However, while soaking up the glories of our local library (ie reading all the magazines I wish I subscribed to), I was hit squarely between the eyes by these wise words . . .

“When you are into social media, you are art-directing your life. Here’s what I’m wearing when I go out at nightHere’s what I’m eatingHere are my friends… We are posting things we believe give us status, much in the same way that in the tribal world, things like jewelry and war paint tell you how many goats some-one owns. This is our filthy lucre.”   – Andrew Zimmern

Filthy lucre indeed. Again, I do not mean to be a social media hater. Nor am I one . . . I do hate female disc jockeys on the radio . . but I don’t hate social media. I simply believe these wise words are provoking and probing if not spot on.

The human soul is hungry for self worth. Social media merely exploits this hunger. It shines a very bright light into our selves, if we allow it. And even then, if we don’t allow it, this too reveals something about ourselves. Remember our wise words from last week?

“I shall not demean my own uniqueness by envy of others. I shall stop boring into myself to discover what psychological or social categories I might belong to. Mostly I shall simply forget about myself and do my work.”

Social media makes this almost impossible. We have to work twice as hard to forget ourselves when “profile pictures” and “followers” are actually a thing, a thing we sure didn’t deal with 20 years ago. How do we forget ourselves when every medium around ourselves is about ourselves? It’s tricky. It’s not impossible. It’s just, tricky. I think it’s a legitimate reality to ponder.

Photo: The Outsider // Norman Rockwell //


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