Education isn’t passive. It’s a active. It’s the same with our health. Instead of relying on the back of cereal boxes to teach us the “food pyramid” and importance of fiber and “whole grain” (which have interestingly enough, been died to make “pebbles” and “puffs” that are some how “fruity” and “chocolatey”), we need to stand up. We need to grab hold of our health (mind, body and spirit) and own it. Poor health (very rarely) happens to us. More often than not, it happens because of us.  Poor health is merely a response. An affect. A result.

Want to know the best way to educate (or re-educate) yourself? Want to know the best way to learn about your body and how to take care of it? READ. Read a darn book. I’m talking about all kinds of learning and all kinds of books! For the purpose of this post, however, I will be sharing some books that are namely pertain to physical health. Three years ago, when I began this whole “health journey,” reading was THE way I learned. The doctor maybe saw me for 20 minutes? Your health is NOT your doctor’s responsibility, no matter how long they see you for. It is your responsibility. Below are some titles that can hugely provide the tools you need to own this responsibility.

The pencils above are just too fun to not share. Great gifts.

The Calorie Myth: Jonathon Bailor 

Eat the Yolks: Liz Wolfe

The Paleo Approach: Sarah Ballantyne

The Hormone Cure: Dr. Sara Gottfried 

Lights out: Sleep, Sugar, and Survival // T.S. Wiley 

Death by Food Pyramid : Denise Minger 

Sexy by Nature: Stefani Ruper 

Your Personal Paleo Code: Chris Kresser

Grain Brain : David Perlmuter 

Wheat Belly : William Davis

Happy reading!


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