Stuff We Love (RxBar)

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After a long workout and many errands, I was introduced to “RxBar.” I do NOT recommend eating a “bar” as a regular meal replacement, especially after a workout. However, I was hungry like the wolf, between appointments and picking up some “road trip” food for my partner in crime. Real life happens and these are the times you do the best you can. If that means eating a bar, eat a bar!

I hadn’t heard of RxBar before (our nearest cross fit gym sells some legit stuff I know I can trust) until I stumbled upon them in the gym (no, I don’t cross fit. I just mooch off their merchandise, most often for long drives). Holy cow. So good. I don’t love the idea of eating huge amounts of figs but (like I said above) real life is, well, real. It is in these circumstances that bars come to the rescue. Hidden in the glove box. Stashed in your purse. Shoved into the diaper bag. These are the things that can keep us from #1 Losing our minds #2 Settling for something of lesser quality.

RxBars are grain free, dairy free, refined sugar free, rice syrup free and soy free. That’s pretty darn hard to come by. The bar I tried (Coconut Cacao) contains, dates, egg white protein powder, almonds, figs, unsweetened coconut, cocao, and coconut oil. Again, pretty hard to come by.

They are pretty big servings. If you are looking for something just to tie you over, you could easily eat 1/4-1/2 of the bar and be satisfied for the time being. You could also easily share them between kiddos or friends. It’s a lot of carbs. Carbs aren’t bad! They just need to align with our personal level of activity and specific needs. For example . . . a 200lb male needs more carbs than a 130lb female. A frequent runner needs more carbohydrates than a kinda/sorta jogger.

Conclusion: RxBars are legit, both in terms of quality and taste. They are great for a treat or quick pinches (I would prefer protein or fat but again, real life!). I LOVED the Coconut Cacao flavor and am stoked to try more. Definitely would recommend them to you!


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