Fate is a funny thing . . . I had been trying to think of a paleo treat in honor of my mom’s birthday when Vanessa Barajas (from Clean Eating with a Dirty Mind) posted an insane recipe for paleo cookie, ice cream sandwiches. Cookie dough, mom. Mom, cookie dough. The two are interchangable. Or at least they were. She is now a grain free queen and even let me teach her how to brew her own kombucha last visit. I don’t even know who she is anymore.

5 Cool Things About My Mom


1. Growing up, she let us practice our spelling words using shaving cream

2. She always (always) has well manicured toes, wears pearl earrings and I can’t ever remember a time she had dry skin.

3. She never was worried about making a mess or getting dirty. . . we made homemade butter, hatched chicken eggs, and she even made us “tee pees” for the backyard like this (back then, mom’s didn’t need Pinterest)

4. She always gets me the best books for Christmas, like this and this 

5. She can beat anyone at movie quote quizzes and late 70’s/early 80’s pop culture trivia

Mom, this recipe is for you. Happy birthday week.


1 Cup of cashew butter for a traditional chocolate chip cookie flavor OR 1 cup of almond butter for a peanut butter, chocolate chip cookie flavor

3 T Kerrygold butter

1/4 C coconut flour (maybe a tad more depending on consistency)

3 T honey

10 oz Chocolate chips

2 T coconut oil

A good sprinkle of salt

A dash of cinnamon (this is really vital, don’t be fooled!)

A splash of vanilla

1. Place Kerrygold in sauce pan and melt over medium heat. Keep a (very) close eye on this, stirring often (I just pick up the pan and swirl it around, no need to dirty another spoon)

2. Place remaining ingredients EXCEPT for the chocolate chips and coconut oil, in a large-ish mixing bowl while butter is melting. Once butter starts to brown and smell amazing (this is what we are going for here, browned butter!), remove from heat and add to fellow ingredients (in the bowl). Give it all a good stir, fully incorporating everything into a doughy goodness.

3. Place bowl in freezer for 15 minutes. Remove bowl from freezer. If it is soft enough to stir with a wooden spoon, fold in 1/2 C (or more!) of the chocolate chips. If not, let it rest on the counter until pliable before adding chocolate chips.

4. Line baking sheet with parchment paper. Roll dough into 1 inch balls and place onto parchment paper. Place baking sheet back in the freezer for another 15 minutes. If your truffles look like sea urchins (meaning, the dough was too pliable and the cookie dough balls aren’t very smooth) give them another roll between your palms to smooth them out and place back in the freezer for an extra 5 minutes.

5. While truffles are in freezer, go ahead and melt the remaining chocolate chips and the coconut oil in sauce pan or double boiler over low/medium heat, stirring often until smooth. PS, I use a whisk for this.

6. Remove pan from the stove and let cool on the counter or hot pad for 8-10 minutes. Pull truffles out of the freezer. Using a spoon, I dip the truffles into the pan of chocolate (one at a time) and use another spoon, to cover the truffle in chocolate. You can do whatever you want. Some people use toothpicks. Some people use their hands (ie Lucille below). Whatever floats your boat. Just make sure they are fully covered and awesome.


7. Place chocolate covered truffles back onto parchment paper and place back in the freezer. I let them hang for 30ish minutes. If I have left over melted chocolate, I sometimes give them another coating and THEN, sprinkle the tops with just a pinch of salt. What? Yes. Do it. Trust me. If I only have a little bit of chocolate, I just leave the truffles on the parchment and spoon chocolate/drizzle chocolate over each one, and then add salt. Sigh. Place back in freezer for a few (it’s a lot of freezer time, I know.)

8. Once fully hardened, keep truffles in air tight container, in the fridge. They taste good frozen but they also taste good at room temp. If you want to “serve” them, I would let them hang at room temp for 15-20 minutes beforehand.

9. Wrap them up in a pretty box and give them to your mom on her birthday with a card thanking her for all the times she let you make messes in her own kitchen . . . and the time you cut your hair like a boy and she didn’t once say anything negative about how you looked.

Recipe adapted from here!

Ralph Lauren from here


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