The Great American Breakfast


This was my absolute favorite flavor of PT’s and the only thing I ate for, oh, 20 years? Do I miss them? About as much as I miss being sick everyday. Okay, I do miss them a little bit. But, it’s food. So much more to life and happiness than food! Food might fill our bellies but it can’t fill our souls .

After punching the alarm clock in the face, taking a shower, and trying to find our other shoe while heading out the door, breakfast isn’t so popular. In fact breakfast is normally . . . 

1. Forgotten/ignored

2. Replaced with a smoothie/shake

3. Replaced with a convenience food (bagel, cereal, greek yogurt etc)

4. Handed to us over the Starbucks counter or through the Starbucks window

5. Or, if you’re me, you just eat pop tarts for every meal. 

I’m not here to make you feel guilty or tell you, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Um. I think they are all important and I think an occasional skipped meal can sometimes do the body good. Unless you have blood sugar issues . . . than let’s talk. 

However, I am here to share some quick breakfast ideas. Because I’m an advocate of eating real food, this is going to require real time. Maybe you stay up 10 minutes later or get up 10 minutes earlier. Perhaps you could do what I did this morning: Brush your teeth, cook breakfast and fill up the Brita water filter at the same time. End result: I forgot about the Brita and found it overflowing. 

Some “snappy” breakfast ideas

1.Crustless quiche. You can make all sorts of quiche with veggies, meat, and even some cheese (if you are cool with dairy).You can make one giant quiche or pour the batter into muffin tins for individual servings. Make this on a Sunday night while watching reruns of The Office and keep in the fridge for upcoming mornings. 

2. Hamburger patty with avocado and salsa. Gross. Wrong! Not gross. It just isn’t your typical breakfast food, right? If we are going to start overhauling our health, we need to start overhauling our thinking. The best thing you can provide your body with in the morning is fats and protein! I buy grass fed patties at Sprouts already frozen, throw them into a pan and cook while getting dressed etc. I sprinkle liberally with salt and butter, then add half an avocado (or a whole avocado depending on my day/activity level) and some salsa. 

3. Soup. Again, gross. Again, wrong! I am working on a post regarding bone broth as we “speak” but I wanted to go ahead and add this to the breakfast list. Soup is something you can (like quiche) make ahead of time and save for the upcoming mornings. Soup is incredibly versatile and easy to drink out of a thermos . . . just saying.

4. HASH BROWNS! This is my favorite. Use your food processor to shred sweet potato, butternut squash, carrots or all 3! Keep in the fridge for the upcoming week. I heat up a pan, add some fat (coconut oil, lard, butter) and throw some hash into the pan. Give it a stir every 5 minutes-ish so it doesn’t stick to the pan but you definitely want it to brown up. Don’t be afraid to let it hang in the pan for a little bit. Lots of salt. 

5. Left overs. What? Yup. This is actually my most popular breakfast dish. I have last night’s dinner for breakfast quite often. Why? Because it tastes delicious, nourishes my body and keeps me fueled for the long day ahead. The “eat various small meals throughout the day” method is a lie (“it was a lie Steven!” name that movie, anyone?). Eat meals that will keep you satisfied and satiated. 

5. Avocados. Hard boiled Eggs. Scrambled eggs. Homemade coconut milk yogurt. Small amounts of fruit. Sauerkraut. Ground beef. These are my go to, “convenience foods.” 

6. Shakes and smoothies. Not a fan. But some days they just sound good. Some days you went on a long hike and need something that feels “fatty.” That’s probably your body telling you, you need fat. If you’re going to have a shake, I would recommend something like this or this

A typical breakfast for us: I heat up a pan and add said cooking fat. Throw some stew meat (chopped up beef) and some left over veggies into the pan. While they cook, I scramble a few eggs in a bowl. Unload the dishwasher. Add eggs to the meat and veggies, mix it all together. Maybe add some avocado and salsa and/or hot sauce. Find what works for you!



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