Current Reads

Here are some books (uhhh mostly cook books) that have been in my hands and scattered around the apartment the past few weeks . . . thank you Arizona public libraries.

Healing Your Body Naturally: Alternative Treatments To Illness. The chapter on mental illness is incredible.

The Flower Recipe Book. This book is both incredibly stunning and incredibly functional.

500 Cupcakes. I actually own this one and I can say with confidence that it does not, by any means, encourage the consumption of whole foods. It does however provide lovely inspiration and recipes for days when you just need a cupcake. Those kind of days are a real thing.

Momofuku Milk Bar. Holyyyyyyy cow. Christina Tosi is unreal . . . so is her work. Unreal in a “amazing!” sense and unreal in a “that’s definitely not good for my body” way. Junk food aside, this chick is an artist.

Ready for Dessert. Remember when I posted this guy on Instagram?


Check out my adaptation of Lebovitz’s recipe here. This book is a gem. Mr. Lebovitz’s recipes are top notch because he uses top notch stuff. Top notch is code for “real foods.” Thus, his recipe for Banana Cake with Mocha Frosting (page 62) was quite easy to “paleo-fy.”

Ottolenghi. Let me just give you a sneak peak . . . “Figs with young pecorino and honey,” “Roast chicken with saffron, hazelnuts, and honey,” “Lime and basil macarons.” Enough said.


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