Stuff We Love (Hot Dogs)

People often ask me if I “miss gluten.” Nope, I honestly don’t. Truth be told, my diet is much more restrictive than just “gluten free” and it’s the last thing I “miss.”

That being said . . . I very much miss Pop Tarts and I very much miss hot dogs with loads of ketchup and mustard. However I stumbled upon these babies at Sprouts a few weeks ago and may or may not have squealed.


They are better (better!) tasting than any hot dog I’ve ever tried. Well, except for Gene and Jude’s in Chicago . . . but that’s a different animal. Sometimes we think we have to sacrifice taste for nutrition. Wrong. You just have to be wiling to learn how to actually use your oven and/or stumble across Applegate’s hot dogs, like myself. There are awesome people, making awesome (aka “real”) food out there, you just have to be willing to find them.

These hot dogs are made from grass fed beef without gluten, casein or wonky fillers. These dogs are the real deal. I maybe even ate two for breakfast.


6 thoughts on “Stuff We Love (Hot Dogs)

    • You are in luck! Getting ready to post all about kraut. I will definitely have to try it with a hot dog . . . thank you! Never thought of that but I don’t know why I wouldn’t have, makes great German sense:)

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