Real Life Meets Real Food


This series is designed to help paint a picture of how we do real life and how we eat real food, within the means of a real budget. We eat outside in canoes. Just kidding. I encourage you to check out the first post here if you ever feel intimidated, overwhelmed and/or just want to punch those pretty paleo people in the face because they make it sound like it’s “soooo easy.” It’s not. But it can be, with time and practice. And then again, sometimes it just isn’t that easy. That’s okay, that’s the beauty of living for something bigger and better than your personal health and your personal image. Don’t seek meaning or purpose in your plate or your grocery cart. You won’t find it.

Monday: We ate left overs . . . I ate a lot of blueberries

Tuesday: n/a

Wednesday: Roast in the Crockpot and this hash (love)

Thursday: Mustard glazed chicken thighs and butternut squash

Friday: Steak topped with diced avocado + lemon and some sort of leafy green on the side (ugh. I hate leafy greens but my mentor totally busted my butt last week on my “green intake.”)

What are you eating this week?! Photo above from this cool Tumblr


2 thoughts on “Real Life Meets Real Food

  1. omg you eat in canoes… you crack me up. I have been eating lots of good stuff this week, thanks to you and your Practical Paleo book 🙂 Made quiche again last night with lots of good veggies (we added shredded zucchini this time!) and ground turkey and it was relish this morning. We’re having salmon and sweet potatoes for dinner (again) but I’m not mad about it. 🙂

    Miss you guys and it’s freezing here.

    • Last night I thought, “Wait, Maria isn’t going to be at RC!” and was totally bummed. Yet, I am SO happy for you and hope it’s a “pretty” kind of freezing . . . like warm socks etc. Have the world’s greatest time with your mama and dad. Haha, that book is a serious game changer, so happy for your tummy. Seriously. Miss you.

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