“S” is for Saturday (whoops, Sunday)

It’s also for sweet potatoes . . .

sweet p

Sweet potatoes are gems . . . beautiful sources of energy. Do you know the difference between simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates? Normally we just think in terms of “simple carbs = bad.” It is so much cooler than that!

In order to properly convert carbohydrates into fuel, your body has to use fuel. In order to get to the gas station to get more gas, your car has to use gas. Same thing. A Snickers bar does in fact offer your body energy BUT sweet potatoes (for example) offer a dense source of carbohydrates, energy that keeps your body going throughout the day and/or replenishes the energy you have exerted throughout the day. Unlike the Snicker’s, it also gives your body the tools (nutrients/minerals) needed to convert itself into fuel. It’s the perfect package. The Snickers bar is like a house guest that leaves you with an unmade bed and empty fridge. It literally depletes your body of nutrients. Subtraction. The sweet  potato is like a house guest that brings you flowers, cleans their own sheets and takes you out for coffee before departing. It offers your body nutrients. Addition.

Don’t let food rip you off. Choose foods that add to your health rather than subtract from your health. Unfortunantly, the SAD (Standard American Diet) is entirely counterintuitive. Our bodies communicate  the need for fuel through hunger pains and cravings. One sandwich, bag of chips and root beer later . . . and your body is actually worse off. Not only have you given it empty sources of energy, it has depleted your body of the energy needed to convert your lunch into fuel. Your belly may be full but you’re actually “hungrier” than you were in the first place.

Sweet potatoes aren’t the only source of nutrition that offer “additions” to your body. That’s the beauty of “eating the rainbow.” Choosing veggies and fruit that promote instead of demote. Sweet potatoes just happen to start with “S” and since it’s Saturday Sunday, here are some sweet potato recipes to add to your reptoire!

These pancakes are some of my favorite

Totally trying these this week

So beautiful! (PS . . . as dogmatic as this may sound, olive oil shouldn’t be heated. Go ahead and use butter, lard, tallow, palm oil, coconut oil etc . . . you can use olive oil at room temp anytime! )

This hash is one of my favorite recipes. I add some sort of animal protein and yellow or red bell pepper slices. You could also add egg! Don’t be dumb and skip the chili powder, it’s the key.

Has anyone tried these biscuits? I’ve been anxiously awaiting since I heard about them on the Paleo View podcast . . . yeah. That’s what I listen to for fun. I know, I know.

Yes and yes. Chips,chips, chips.

Cinnamon is a boss.

Bake them once, bake them twice! BuzzFeed has 39 other options if my list just isn’t cutting it for you. You can also take the Arrested Development quiz while you’re there.

In conclusion, sweet potatoes really are one of the easiest, cheapest, most versatile sources of nutrients ever. Throw them in a stew. Try white, purple and orange. Make french fries. Bake them. Mash them. Chop them. Roast them. Add all sorts of yummy herbs, spices (again, cinnamon is a boss) and fat.  Really, I just haven’t made a sweet potato or sweet potato recipe that I don’t like. Happy Sunday!

** photo from Organic Lemon


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