DIY Toothpaste

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After having moved to a new state as an “adult,” I have compiled a list of 10 things not to say/share when meeting new people and/or trying to “make  friends.” These are in no particular order and may or may not be based on personal experience.

1. You are looking for a local butcher that sells “organ meat”

2. You also need to find the closest Asian market because you’re fresh out of “boba pearls”

3. You aren’t sold that anyone has actually been to the moon

4. You were anti Sea World wayyyy before it was cool. Did it really take Blackfish to help us see that keeping killer whales in captivity was kinda un-cool?

5. Sorry about that spill. I don’t use paper towels anymore but here’s an old t-shirt instead.

6. You were homeschooled

7. You still forget “high school” is two, separate words. Definitely don’t share this if you shared or plan on sharing # 6

8. You don’t have cable, on purpose?

9. Growing up, you desperately wanted to be on the TV show, “Zoom

10. You make your own toothpaste

I had been waiting till we ran out of  toothpaste to dive into this. I will probably try a different “recipe” a few different times so as to find our favorite but I already love this one! Tip: Make a small batch so if you hate it, you aren’t stuck wasting quality ingredients and/or aren’t stuck with yucky toothpaste.

For some reason, I was expecting this to take some elbow grease. In actuality, it took me 5 minutes, if that. I followed this recipe here but skipped out on the stevia. Partly because I didn’t have it on hand and partly because I wanted to see if I really “needed” it. I really don’t think we need it . . . we don’t mind the taste and are used to using not-so-sweet toothpaste already. That’s one less thing to spend money on. Solid. Here’s what I did. . . (remember, I made a very small batch to make sure I liked it. If you want to make a bigger batch, follow the link)

I mixed 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, 1 tablespoon of baking soda (this brand) and 10 drops of peppermint oil using the back of a metal spoon in a small bowl. You could blend them in a mini food processor if you really wanted to. Once the ingredients were thoroughly combined and reached “desired consistency,” I scooped them into a mason jar and stuck a lid on it. That’s it!

I was so excited to brush my teeth . . . another thing I probably shouldn’t tell people. I just dipped my toothbrush into the jar but if that freaks you out or if you have multiple people using the same jar, I would use a Q-tip. If you live in cooler climates, you might find your “toothpaste” too hard given the nature of coconut oil. I would just run warm water over the jar before using or take advantage of steamy showers and keep it near the tub.

Conclusion: My mouth felt so clean and fresh. I love the grit of baking soda and smooth teeth. Like I said, I want to try a few different recipes (especially because some essential oils are known for their gum/teeth properties) but I already love this one.

Money Saved: We were spending around $4.50 on toothpaste, about once a month. That’s somewhere around $50-$60.00 dollars a year. Yikes. Maybe you aren’t spending as much as us. Maybe you have a tighter grasp on reality. Now, however, we aren’t spending a dime on toothpaste since I always have the said ingredients above on hand. I might have to buy them more often or in slightly bigger quantities but I use all three of these guys (coco. oil, baking soda, essential oils) for countless tasks already. I’m not buying anything new or adding anything to my list. In fact, if I took the $5.00 I spent on one tube of toothpaste, I could buy enough baking soda to make somewhere around 4 “servings” (that’s weird . . . ) of homemade toothpaste. Win, win.


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