Real Life Meets Whole Foods


Wouldn’t it be rad if this was real life dinner? We can at least embrace the vibe.

As I mentioned a few days ago, I am going to be posting our weekly menu on a weekly basis. I hope that this #1 Inspires you in the kitchen. #2 Encourages you in knowing that sometimes “stuff” hits the fan and we often result to frozen beef patties and gluten free pasta. #3 Helps you in your own pursuit of eating whole foods in a practical, tangible, and affordable way.

I will kick of this new series by saying . . . if you’re going to make your health a priority you need to come to terms with spending time in the kitchen. There are shortcuts and tricks BUT whether you are cooking everyday or cooking once a week and freezing your meals ahead of time, you’re going to be spending time in the kitchen. Embrace it. There just isn’t a way around it. However, do what you can to make this work for you and your schedule. Do what you can to make this somewhat enjoyable if cooking/baking just isn’t your “thing.” Listen to a podcast or movie. Pick recipes that interest you. As The Paleo Mom says, “It’s only effort until it’s routine.”

That being said, here we go!

Every week is going to look different. I start out by,
1. Looking at the calendar on my phone to see what’s coming up
2. Writing down the days of the week
3. Picking meals that will work for each day of the week. For example, this Wednesday I have a meeting at work and am getting coffee in the evening with a friend. I obviously won’t be making beef bourguignon. (Insert
4. Sometimes I glance at the sale adds in the mail but more often than not, I get to the store and see that they are having a killer sale on (let’s just say) pork. I grab pork instead of whatever I was planning on and make a change. Your menu shouldn’t be hard and fast. Just a helpful sketch.
5. Always, always have a backup plan. Have something you can throw together super fast without driving through Arby’s. This will save you from being “hangry” in the craziness of life and will save you from “oh shoot, I forgot to defrost the roast for dinner and it’s 6 PM..”

Below is our menu for this upcoming week

Monday: Spaghetti squash and meatballs. Spaghetti squash can be cooked in the microwave in a pinch (although there is much debate on microwaves) and meatballs can easily be made ahead of time and frozen.

Tuesday: We luck out by getting to eat with our “community group” every week. Love them.

Wednesday: Bison/beef chili in the crock pot with roasted sweet potato on the side. Chilli is one of the easiest things to throw together. Sweet potatoes take about 40 minutes to roast but can, again, be baked in the microwave in a pinch).

Thursday: Tacos on corn (nope, not paleo! GMO free though) tortillas with cauli-rice and guacamole/pico de gallo. You can find some legit taco seasoning or can just stick to cumin and whatever other spices you fancy. Guac and “pico” can be bought or made ahead of time if need be. Cauli-rice maybe takes 20 minutes?) We have black olives, grass fed cheese, maybe some cilantro and definitely lots of limes! Sometimes I’ll make beans . . . on a weird day.

Friday-Sunday are absentee given a wacky weekend. Photo above from here


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