What’s Up with Grass Fed?


This post merely scratches the surface. I encourage further research on your own. If it’s going to be important to you, you better know why. I will have recommended reading (links) at the end.

Why grass fed? Does it really matter? 

I guess I’ll start with the first question . . . why grass fed? Simply put, cows weren’t meant to eat grain and only grain. Cows were designed to eat grass (technically, graminoids). Cows were also designed (given they have 4 legs) to roam, to be in the sunshine, to raise their young and produce milk when their bodies are ready to produce milk. They were designed simply to just be cows.

However, The Man makes a lot more bang for his buck if his cows are contained. If his cows eat “feed” instead of grass. If his cows are fat and if his cows produce more milk. So long pastures and sunshine, hello cubicles feedlots and steroids.

This may or may not sound familiar. When cows aren’t allowed to play in the sunshine and to eat the foods their bodies are designed to need, they get sick. These people cows are then given antibiotics. These antibiotics get transferred from cow to human via burgers, steak, ribs, you name it.

In addition to antibiotics, as mentioned above, cows are also given steroids. You know, because they have big races coming up. Some of these steroids encourage growth (the more meat, the more dough) while some of these steroids promote milk production (the more milk, the more dough). Interestingly enough, cows aren’t meant to produce milk beyond their allotted supply. Their bodies need time to build dense sources of nutrients for their young. The Man doesn’t really care about nutrient density. The Man simply wants more milk.  As a result of over stimulation, their utters pass puss into their milk.

Cows aren’t allowed the natural, God designed benefits of fresh air and sunshine (we’re talking vital nutrients that could benefit you!), cows are fed everything from GMO (don’t let this just be a buzzword. It means it isn’t real) corn and soy. Corn husks. OTHER animal bi-products and even candy wrappers and peanut shells (as reported on occasion).

So, you aren’t a part of PETA and aren’t sure how this pertains to you? This is where I answer the second question, “Does it Really Matter?”

When cows are poorly (horribly) taken care of and poorly (horribly) fed, so are you. You are taking in all the crap feed, the antibiotics, the steroids and the “puss milk.” Also, whether it ethically bothers you or not, the method of slaughter can produce stress hormones which are also passed along into your burger. Animal protein can be one of the most nutrient dense sources of fuel. Animal organs and muscles can be rich with vitamins (D, K, and A just to name a few) and VITAL FATS (Omega-3). Fats that you’re body and brain (remember, the brain is 60% fat) needs to function properly. The only way beef (pork, fish, lamb, chicken, bison etc . . . ) can offer these nutritional properties to your body is through proper care and feeding.

Like I said, this post merely scratches the surface. Please feel free to leave questions or comments as there is much more to discuss and details I’m leaving out for the sake of length. If you are interested in learning more, I encourage you to check out the links below.

– The Bullet Proof Exec http://www.bulletproofexec.com/grass-fed-meat-part-1/

– The Paleo Mom http://www.thepaleomom.com/2012/06/if-i-cant-always-afford-grass-fed-beef.html

– Diane Sanfilippo http://balancedbites.com/2010/09/weve-been-fed-a-pyramid-built-of-processed-food-bricks.html

– Mark Sisson  http://www.marksdailyapple.com/the-differences-between-grass-fed-beef-and-grain-fed-beef/#axzz2sbmtg6Qg


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