I’m a Hypocrite


Well, sort of.  Johnny Cash (above) stuffed his face with cake but at least he didn’t write about health and wellness. I write about the importance of taking care of your body, the priority of food quality and (if I haven’t written about this yet, just wait . . . ) how sugar is directly linked to cancer (it literally feeds cancer). Then I proceed to post pictures and posts of muffins, cupcakes, scones and now ice cream? One big hypocrite. Here are a few disclaimers and methods to my madness (I’m not sure if I have a method. I guess “the reason for my hypocrisy ” is more like it.)

1. Focus. Pursuing health and wellness is not about what you can’t eat. HEAR ME. The goal of eating whole foods is NOT to cut out. The goal of eating whole foods is what you are adding (not subtracting) into your daily life. Sure, you might want to eliminate Doritos. But that isn’t the focus. The focus is nourishing your body with quality proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The focus should be on what you can and should eat rather than what you can’t and refuse to eat. Our attention and efforts should go into searching out nutrient dense sources, not lamenting the foods we wish we had. This concept was really huge for me. As I learned more about the value of whole foods, I didn’t want to eat Snickers anymore. Not because I couldn’t or shouldn’t or because it didn’t sound good but because I knew that an avocado had so much more to offer me! When I write in regards to health and wellness and priority, that isn’t to say you can’t ever enjoy the gift of treats. Why do you think God gave us taste buds?

2. Lifestyle. I hope to write in such a way, that you can discern when to have treats and when to not. When to enjoy chocolate and when to skip out. I don’t believe in diets or counting calories but I do believe in self-control and lifestyle (an ongoing journey). I want you to nourish and take care of yourself but I also want you to live for so much more than your physical appearance and status among friends. I want your heart and soul to be nourished as well. For some of you, that means having some chocolate without “punishing” yourself. For others, that might mean learning to say “no” to chocolate (or whatever your weakness seems to be) and not allowing those foods to control you.

When I post desserts and pastries, my heart is not to encourage you to eat these foods on a regular basis. My heart is to share recipes that you can make when it is time for you to have a treat. My heart is to open up a whole new world of cooking and baking that allows you to enjoy the gifts God has given us (that include quality ingredients that won’t harm your body). Treats are way more fun to make (for me at least). I love to bake. I get just as excited to bake as I do on my way to yoga or when I read a good book or listen to The Black Keys. I post treats because I love to make them and give them away. This is a place for me to share those treats.

3.  Our dinners aren’t that glamorous, not to mention we are normally starving by dinner time and stopping to take a somewhat pretty picture is laughable. And the lighting in our kitchen sucks beyond measure. Anyways, most of our dinners come from the blogroll on your right! That is why they are listed, so you can discover hundred of recipes and resources. I encourage you to check them out and invest in some good cook books or look for them at the library, they are there, I promise. Also, given my many food restrictions, we have eaten the same 10 meals for a couple of months while I’m healing. But, if I posted the same 10 recipes over and over, I’m pretty sure you would hate me. I would hate me.

4. Support awesome people. There are way cool people doing way cool things. Quality cheese, ice cream and chocolate just to name a few. I want to support them and introduce them to you. This blog is a way for me to do that. I’m not encouraging you to eat ice cream every night but I am encouraging you to support them for doing awesome things. Art(isans) matter(s).

Those are 4 disclaimers. However, I will be making more of an effort to post real life food. Not so much recipes and pictures (the world doesn’t need another food blog and there are many people doing a better job than I ever could) but more along the lines of resources and ideas. I will be posting our weekly menu on a weekly basis, hopefully to help you see what eating whole foods looks like in real life, on a real budget, in real time constraints.


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