DIY “Magic Shell”


I hope you checked out Jeni’s!! Note. . . I do not encourage the purchase and consuming of (expensive) ice cream on the “reg.” I’m trying to encourage people to nourish their bodies here so I feel a little guilty for writing about ice cream and yet, ice cream is a gift, a gift to be enjoyed .  . . respecting both the art of food AND the value of your health. I’m going to tackle this more in an upcoming post but I often see people looking for ways to enjoy treats that they can feel confident in. Jeni’s is one of those treats. Moving on . . .

During my childhood, some members of my family (including myself) may or may not have eaten Magic Shell with spoons for afternoon snacks. No ice cream was involved.

Well, multiple health problems and food sensitivities later . . . we find ourselves without Magic Shell. No one needs Magic Shell. Let’s be honest. It’s full of wax (yes wax) hence the magic, freezing capabilities. You know what else has magic powers AND vital nutrients, healthy fats, and healing powers???

Coconut oil.

1. Grab a bag of chocolate chips/chunks. Be picky and choose a brand you are comfortable with that has ingredients you can actually identify and pronounce. Fair trade is cool too.

2. Throw bag of chocolate into sauce pan or double boiler and add 3-4 heaping spoonfuls of coconut oil. ** This will make a lot of faux shell, like enough for a medium sized get together. If you are wanting to just make some for yourself or a couple of people, you can just gauge the amounts . . . I would use only 1 BIG spoonful of coconut oil per 1/2 C of chips. I’m totally guessing here, I never measure so I’m sorry if I mislead you. Just feel it out. It’s all done by feel.

3. Drizzle/spoon onto ice cream of your choice and watch it magically turn into faux shell! We like Jeni’s (obviously). I’m also cool with Haagan Dazs given it’s simple ingredients. It doesn’t have funky “gums.” I’m really okay with making your own with whole sweeteners, if you have an ice cream maker! I’m also really okay with not eating ice cream on a regular basis.


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