Wise Words Wednesday


“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” – Pablo Picasso

I read this quote a year or two ago and it’s stuck with me ever since. On our most recent museum trip, Picasso’s words followed me as I stood in awe of the sculptures in particular. I don’t have a picture . . . honestly, they were too beautiful. It almost seemed insulting to take pull out my handy iphone. I didn’t need to tweet, instagram or blab to everyone about the “cool” things I was seeing. I just needed to soak it in . . . to experience. Dorothy Sayers has some choice words for the American tourist who walks around London and Paris snapping photos in succession without truly experiencing their surroundings. I was too afraid Sayers would pop out from behind a corner and snap at me. We’re all about the photos. We’re all about the image without the content. Picasso is on to something. When was the last time we allowed art (a good song, book, poem, movie, sculpture, painting, a delicious meal, a baby laughing, sun kissed faces, a sunset) to wash our souls of the mundane? To let it remind us of the awesome Creator? To let it remind us how small we really are? To just be without telling everyone. To just taste Him. To let our souls be washed of everyday miniutiae.

* photo above is A Mother and Child and Four Studies of Her Hand // Picasso // 1904


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