Your blog title is too long and super “weird” (part 1)


The photo above is me in awe of how tiny butterfly eggs are. Rick took me (and my right hand man, Nicole) to the natural history museum for my birthday last year. Isn’t he cool? When I was looking for a picture for this post, I came across this and was in awe all over again and had to use it.

Well, here’s the deal. I don’t plan on this being strictly a food blog. I shared in my first post (link) that I cannot write about nutrition and health only. My heart is too heavy for heavier things. We so easily create our own realities . . . realities where organic, food quality and thigh gaps matter more than freckles, flowers and gapped teeth. I wanted to write a post that explained my hope for something greater than just recipes and lean bodies.

While I do post recipes of what we eat, how we shop etc . . . I hope you know that it is all a shadow. That food can’t save you or make you “good-er”. That eating grass fed meat and refusing a piece of cake doesn’t make you cooler or better than your friends. The reason Rick and I make food a priority is exactly because it can’t save us. We strive to take care of our selves not to save oursevles BUT to bring glory to the One who can, Who knitted our very frames Himself. In taking care of our health, we can display gratitide and respect for the beautiful gifts our bodies are. Through this blog, I hope to make that clear. My goal is not to distract from the Bread of Life, with bread-less treats or to distract from Perfect Peace, with a sing-songy approach to life. That’s called Pinterest. I also hope to make it clear that there are two types of food, primary food and secondary food.

Primary is that which nourishes our very souls . . . the immaterial matter that makes you, you. Secondary food is that which nourishes our temporary shells. Secondary food doesn’t refer solely to that which we put into our bellies, although it can. It refers to anything and everything that helps heal, maintain and steward these fleshy cacoons. It can refer to sleep, exercise, medicine, soup, sunshine and everything between.

I titled this blog, “Weird Amphibians” for a specific reason. Lewis’ words cut deep into my heart in high school. I was begining to feel a pull bewteen the spiritual and the physical. I was begining to think in terms of “sacred” and “secular” and wasn’t sure how the two were supposed to connect, if at all. Upon reading Lewis’ own words, I felt as though he had reached inside me, pulling them out of my very own heart. He put all the messiness of my brain into an eloquent explanation. Of course I feel pulled between the spiritual and physical! Why? Because I am both soul and body. I am made in God’s image and thus have a longing for the eternal BUT I am also a human and really like dark, expensive nail polish. It is this awkward blend of invisible and visible that makes me (us) weird amphibians. Weird because this blend of body and soul is awkard. Amphibians because we are both immortal (our souls) and mortal (our bodies), like animals that dig both land and water. I want to communicate through this blog, what I am constantly learning about this awkward blend. My tag line has a specific purpose as well (other than my devotion to Death Cab since 10th grade) but you will have to stay tuned for Part 2.


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