World’s Best Banana Bread

 Elana is the coolest. You should stop reading my blog and go read hers. Some cool things about Elana       1. She makes gummy bears 

      2. She sports “wellies” like the Queen


       3. She’s Jewish! . . . So is Scarlett, did you know this? I just found out. Image

I make her banana bread at least once a month. I’ve used the same recipe and switched it up by using it for muffins and even baking it into a “chocolate chunk banana cake.” The only difference is the vessel you bake the batter in . . . and whether or not you want to add chocolate chunks, peanut butter chunks, chopped walnuts or all 3. Yikes.

What you will need

1. 2-3 ripe bananas. I have been known to use semi ripe bananas and it turned out fine. But, it is better with the real deal. The riper, the better.

2. ¼ C Palm shortening or palm oil or coconut oil (melted)

3. A dash of salt

4. A dash of cinnamon or nutmeg (optional but highly recommended)

5. 3 eggs

6. 1 teaspoon baking SODA

7. 2 cups almond flour (you can now buy this in bulk at Sprouts)

Blend bananas, oil, and eggs in food processor. Add salt, cinnamon, and baking soda. Blend. Add almond flour. Blend. If you are adding in some yummy treats, fold them in. Pour batter into prepared pan. If you are using a cake or bread pan, you should grease it. Bake at 350. The “chart” below is not a science. Be checking every 10 minutes or so. If unsure whether it or they are done, use the toothpick test. Enjoy!

Cucpakes/Muffins: 20-25 minutes

Cake Pan: 20-25 minutes

Bread: 40 minutes (sometimes more. If you take it out before the middle is cooked thoroughly, it will sink and be a gooey mess). 


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