In My Lunch Pail




I took this photo after my brother and super cool husband pushed me, my future sister in law (she’s awesome in case you were wondering), and our little Ford Fiesta through a parking lot that had yet to be snow plowed. This was the end of our 36 hour road trip. Yes. 36 hours. Why? We met up with Gemini in Oklahoma. A treacherous ice and snow storm. I am not embellishing. It was horrid. After 36 hours we found our last exit and realized our brakes weren’t working. Why? Ice. So, we didn’t stop at the red light, we merely rolled through the lights the entire way to my grandmas. We slided into my grandma’s apartment complex parking lot and this time we were able to stop. Sadly, it wasn’t because our brakes worked. It was because we were stuck in snow. This is when the boys hopped out and pushed us and all of our luggage to the front. We then realized we were at the wrong side of the complex but there was no moving backwards so we unloaded our car and hopped through the snow (we couldn’t find a side walk under the wintery blankets) and made our way inside. I was in flip flops. Bad call. It was also 3:53 AM. That is 4:53 AM Kansas time. We blew up air mattresses and stuck our feet in a bath of hot water (well, I did) and finally hit the sack at 6 AM. Weird, the sun was starting to rise. All this to say . . . road trips can be a really fat jerk. Figuring out what and how to eat isn’t easy and Cheetos sound extra delicious in a snow storm.

Packing healthy snacks isn’t as daunting as it may seem. Especially if you have minimal food allergies/aversions. We eat “on the run” often and since people ask me pretty regularly for “snack” (think mini meal) ideas, I figured I would share what I am carrying in my little lunch pail today. I will post what I packed for the entire trip later but this is for a typical day without ice, snow, and old navy flip flops that fall off when you carry luggage at 4 in the morning.

1. Carrot Sticks. Cheap. Don’t need to be cold, don’t need to be hot. Boring? Eh, yes and yet so versatile. I dip mine in guacamole but you can make bacon mayo, DIY ranch dressing, or roll them up in some sandwich gear. Which leads me to . . .

2. Lunch Meat. Fast. Does need to be cold but requires zero utensils. I grab 1-2 pieces and throw a carrot into the middle and roll it up. You could use a pickle, sliced peppers, celery, apple slices, spinach leaves, chopped nuts etc . . . I can put away quite a few of these wanna be burritos.

3. Avocados. Dense. These guys are rich with nutrients. I threw the insides of 2 into a tupperware, added lime, salt, pepper and a splash of apple cider vinegar and mashed it up. Instant guacamole. I then dip said fake burrito into the guacamole and enjoy. No, it’s not Chipotle. But I already had these guys on hand and the avocado offers lots of healthy fat to keep you full while out and about. If you need more calories or are just extra hungry, throw some more veggies, nuts or a piece of fruit into your pail. We also love jerky.


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