Headline: Yet Another Aspiring Blogger


I know . . . who needs another blog? Especially about food and health and blah blah blah? There are countless men and women  ranging from renown doctors to stay at home moms serving their readers through their writing and dedication. So, again I ask, who needs another blog?

My answer: No one needs another blog. In fact, we should probably all get off our computers and go for a walk outside. I’m not looking to give you another DIY project or another recipe for gluten free, cheesecake brownies. I’m not looking to start an Etsy shop or take up photography. My goal is simply to share and hopefully encourage. 

The number one question people ask me (other than, “are you sure you’re not in high school?”) is “what the heck do you eat?” It’s a legitimate question given my many food allergies. Truth be told, I love to talk nutrition. After many conversations, prodding, ignoring and more prodding, I have realized that blogging is one of the easiest and most effective ways to “talk nutrition.” Why else do you think thousands have beat me to it? 

I believe that nutrition is only one part, one part of treating the whole person. I believe that health encompasses so much more than your BMI and how many desserts you had this week. That being said, I won’t be able to write simply about food and recipes. What an empty life it would be if all we lived for was food and our bodies? Thankfully, there is so much more. 


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